About Us

Creating Consumer Interaction & Driving Product Innovation

The USuggest It platform was created to fundamentally transform the way that Consumers and Brands interact. Our goal is to partner with Brands to allow them to engage, interact, collaborate and cooperate with Consumers to create the products and services Consumers crave most.  If your Brand would like to connect to Consumers, create relationships built on trust then USuggest It can help. Brands need to constantly engage their customers in order to consistently increase sales.  Increase your sales today and create a solid long-term relationship with customers.

Our Solution

USuggest It is a SaaS based platform creating Branded experiences that can be delivered via our platform in a hosted experience or via on property experiences or both.  By giving consumers access to your brand your Brand invites Consumers to connect giving them a voice in product innovation. By connecting with consumers directly, Brands can eliminate the costs associated with product misfires and meet consumers head-on with products & services Consumers desire most. Our solution will give Brands the edge they need to stay current with changing Consumer preferences.  Through USuggest It, Brands can implement customer driven innovation campaigns, leverage the power of social media and can keep consumers engaged by integrating rewards programs and advanced notification on new products & services.

Real-Time Data

USuggest It streams real-time, rich data or actionable customer feedback in the form of Consumer suggestions. Brands can utilize this rich data and create products that will have a positive impact on the company’s revenue. Brands can also utilize customer created content to enrich their Social Media & Marketing initiatives and create SEO and SEM campaigns with confidence to reach larger audiences by creating Brand Awareness. Customer suggestions show customer intent to purchase. Connect with customers in real-time and learn what customers crave.

Customer Contributed and Direct

USuggest delivers customer-contributed content, aimed squarely at aligning the brands products, services or marketing messages to the consumers need. Customer-contributed data is king and needs to be treated as such.  It is real-time organic information that can be utilized throughout the business. Brands can align Marketing initiatives, Product Development & Customer services to adapt to the consumers current desires.  Unlike, scraping social media for consumer sentiment the data USuggest It delivers data brands can use to drive product innovation or revitalize existing products and determine if the Marketing messages were properly received and understood. This is just a glimpse into the bright future that can be attained by getting to Consumers through positive engagement, interaction and consistent communication.