We are a young company, so we are looking for a good mix of experience and energy from anyone interested in joining us.  If you are a dynamic, skilled, imaginative, visionary person, who understands the interaction between consumer and producer, love challenges and want to be in on the ground floor of an exciting opportunity, then this is the right place!

Right now we are New York area based and focused; in the near future we do plan to set up regional offices around the country and internationally.

As of October 2017 we are looking for people to fill these positions by the end of Q1 2018:

National Sales Director
Regional Sales Manager • New York, Boston, Atlanta
Business Development Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Front-end Developer
Back-end Developer
Community Manager

We also post details of our positions on several popular business platforms, such as LinkedIn, Angel and Crunchbase.  Please visit those sites for details.

Positions are open to all people of proven skill, regardless of gender, age, race, orientation, religion or nationality. We are proud to be a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-talented company.