Press Release Suggestion SlideOut Nov 2017

USuggest It, Inc. releases Suggestion SlideOut, a game-changing new service that lets brands deepen their engagement with consumers

Hoboken, November 16, 2017

USuggest It, Inc. releases Suggestion SlideOut™, a new service within its Suggestion.Cloud suite of services that lets brands deepen their engagement with consumers – and for consumers make positive suggestions to brands that express changing preferences.

“We have created a game-changing new service for consumers to drop in suggestions to brands even more easily than before.” explained Louis Corso, CEO and Founder of USuggest It. “With our new in-site slideout, Suggestion SlideOut™ is going to be the most direct way for consumers to interact with brands of their choice. Suggestion SlideOut helps us deliver high value data to brand managers that can have an insightful and inexpensive impact on extending product profitability.”

Suggestion SlideOut™ is a fully branded slideout designed specifically to leverage the power of customer suggestions, available directly within a brand’s own website. Suggestion SlideOut™ is a visually immediate signal for customers, consumers and fans to positively engage with the brand: to propose product/service improvements, suggest new ones, and react to any product/service specific campaigns you may launch.

Suggestions are delivered to USuggest It’s Suggestion.Cloud data repository in real-time. Marketing and brand managers can quickly measure emerging customer preferences, making their decisions more flexible and effective. Administrators have full access to Suggestion Tracker™, where they can view and manage consumer suggestions, as well as messaging suggestion authors directly.

All of USuggest It’s services are fully responsive. They work on PCs, tablets and smartphones, and run on Android, IOS, MacOS and Windows. Every suggestion has its own url, which means it can be referenced easily even outside USuggest It. Suggestions can be liked and shared within USuggest It, and they can be posted, liked and shared in Facebook.