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USuggest It, Inc. launches USI Platform 2.0

USuggest It launches USI 2.0 to help Brands deepen their Customer engagement through an Innovative and Intelligent consumer-facing platform.

Hoboken, June 19, 2018

“We are excited to announce that USuggest It launched an updated version of our consumer-facing platform called USI 2.0. USI 2.0 was developed to help Brands and Consumer communicate more effectively. This is a major step forward and one that we will build upon in the coming months. We help Consumers connect, innovate and benefit, while supporting the Brands ability to listen, create and deepen their relationships with Customers. A brand that listens and responds to consumer’s needs and desires i.e. is Customer Centric is 60% more profitable over Brands that do not. It is a metric that we are keen to remind our partners to be mindful of when engaging Consumers,” says Louis Corso, President of USuggest It, Inc.

USuggest It is a free of charge service to all subscribers who are now deemed Suggesters and Influencers. As a result of signing up there are many benefits one of which is Suggesters and Influencers are automatically enrolled in programs like the Brand Loyalty Program, rolled out in December of 2017. This is just one of many facets of the platform that Brands can employ to deepen engagement with Customers. Unlike other loyalty programs offered by our competitors, USuggest It does not profit, but rather passes the savings on to the consumer. “It is one of the reasons why we created and offer the USuggest It service”, says, Louis Corso, President of USuggest It.

About USuggest It, Inc.

USuggest It is an innovative start-up based in Hoboken, New Jersey. The goal is to close the gap between Consumers and Brands and create dynamic communities eager to drive product innovation. The company wants to give Consumers a voice, and Brands an ear to listen to individuals as well as groups in the marketplace. USuggest It offers Marketing Research & Analysis Tools to mid-tier Brands to allow them to be on par with their larger enterprise-based Competitors.

“We’ve built a platform that leverages Social Media and Consumers at the point of sale. The Platform Effectively gives the consumer the opportunity to communicate, at the moment of inspiration, and the Brand to effectively listen and then respond in real-time.

Purpose-built for this type of conversation, U Suggest It helps Brands answer the question “What will my customer want to buy next?” The service lets consumers tell brands directly, with suggestions written in their own words, voted on by others in the wider social community, and delivered to brand managers in one complete package. This reduces the time, effort and expense brands face when sorting out, classifying and understanding unstructured social data.” Says, Louis Corso, President of USuggest It, Inc.

The Platform has been designed to positively improve engagement between Brands and Consumers. The solution is a cloud-based platform that can seamlessly integrate into web sites, apps or be used as a standalone service. All products and services have been designed to stretch the Brand’s Marketing and Product Development dollars and increase sales. The platform leverages Consumers as Experts and Ambassadors who can now create and share innovative ideas with their peers as well as with the Brand. Brands have control of suggestions. All suggestions have to follow a set of rules. Suggestions have to be Meaningful, Positive, Shareable and Actionable. As a SaaS based service the price footprint meets the Brand’s budgetary needs.

The company offers four different ways for all Brands to realize the value of the Platform.

USuggest It Suggestion Showcase: Allows consumers to make and share suggestions about products and services in a standalone, fully hosted, branded environment. The product also supports on page or in app experiences that can be created via APIs.

USuggest It Suggestion SlideOut: Is an on page experience delivered via a lightweight JavaScript. Brands can give customers the opportunity to create a conversation directly on any of their digital properties. The solution is responsive and accessible by the consumer regardless of device. APIs allow integration into apps and web properties.

USuggest It Forum: An invite-only solution utilizing the same robust architecture. As a result, it is safe, reliable, fast and ubiquitous. The Forum was created for Brands that want a unique experience for individuals and groups that have been invited e.g. employees or for a select group of users, like a Brand’s Focus Group.

USI Market Data: Aggregated data collected from the USuggest It Suggestion Showcase and SlideOut is collected and delivered as Marketing Research and used as Business Intelligence and analytics for Marketing and Product Development teams as well as C Level Executives.

All USuggest It and Suggestion Lab products and accompanying services can benefit both Brands and Consumers regardless of size or location. USuggest It, Inc. has operations in New York, Los Angeles and Milan, Italy.

USuggest It, Inc.

Phone: (415) 275-2055