Customer Suggestions Target


When you’re looking for better knowledge of your existing market and ways to get to know people in new ones, Suggestion Lab unearths new realms.  We don’t just collect the data, we monetize it. We show you leading indicators to drive your next steps—not just lagging ones to help you judge long-term results.

Most importantly, in this market, we provide a way to deepen your relationship with your customers in a cost-effective and time-efficient way. People want to connect to the brands they discover, and suggestions provide a way for them to do it.

Don’t just listen socially: Ask. Listen actively.

Strategy and Insight

To strengthen your relationships with your existing core base of customers and develop new ones, standard marketing techniques are no longer enough. People want to connect and be heard.

    • Social listening tools provide a way to eavesdrop on customers’ likes and dislikes, but customers don’t know you’re paying attention when you’re lurking in the background. Worse, you’re likely to be using most of your resources to put out fires as you respond to complaints, rather than building solid relationships with people who like what you do.

  • Surveys are time-consuming for both you and your customer, and they offer insight at the time of purchase rather than at the time the customer is inspired to connect with you. You’re looking to bond with people who don’t have much time but do have the money to make another purchase with you. Focus groups can help but are even more time- and cost-heavy, and their structure often limits their results.

  • Mobile data offers data-collection opportunities, but the primary barrier to collecting valuable data from mobile devices is that people want something concrete in return for that information.

Suggestion Lab offers you a cost-effective and time-saving way to collect and analyze data on large groups while connecting meaningfully with individual customers.

Product Innovation

Suggestion Lab allows the people who use your products and services—both heavy users and new users—to become more than loyal customers. You encourage them to innovate, and they gain recognition for their contributions. It’s win-win.

The Suggestion Lab platform turns your customers into collaborators. You can structure a closed social group that’s better than a focus group because it allows people to participate in real time as they use your services and products in real life. You choose how much structure or openness the platform allows, and you choose the incentives and rewards your customers experience.

  • We can sift through suggestions to identify the “lead users” of your product or service and entice them to workshop new products and services. They develop new flavors, new models, new features, potential upgrades.

The people who will buy from you next are wondering whether they should put their trust in you. They’ll do so if they know you trust them and seek their input.

Crowdsourcing is no longer just for funding—now we can tap thousands of minds to solve problems and create new items. Suggestion Lab harnesses the thoughts and efforts of your customers to develop products and services from the consumer side.