Brand Awareness Strategies

30 Nov 2018
Louis Corso

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers”

1. American Marketing Association

Brand awareness is the degree of consumer awareness of a brand and its related products. Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting and marketing a product. Brand awareness is particularly important when launching new products and services.

2. Investopedia

Developing Brand Awareness

Developing Brand Awareness is key to the success of a brand or product in the market. Success will be measured by sales as you acquire customers and by keeping them as you acquire new customers. In today’s market you need an omni-channel strategy weighted towards digital to create Brand Awareness and stickiness in the minds of the consumer. Why, because, consumers have access to information at arm’s length in the form of a smart phone. They have the ability to learn all there is to know about your Brand, your product or your service all in a matter of moments. It is important to show customers that you have already thought out how to engage them during this process. Developing Digital Brand Awareness through Customer Engagement strategies has to be at the tip of the spear. Customer are looking to see if you are Customer Centric or Brand Centric. There is no middle ground. Focusing on the customer helps gain brand awareness.

Focus on the Customer

A colleague of mine sent over a link to a YouTube video and wrote “Watch this and see if you can find where Jeff Bezos talks about the key to Amazon’s success. Let’s chat next week

Jeff Bezos At The Economic Club Of Washington (9/13/18) | CNBC

I watched the video and there it was! “The secret sauce behind Amazon’s success is…… Obsessive compulsive focus on the customer as opposed to obsession over the competition”.

3. Jeff Bezos

Do you want to be like Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t make anything (for consumers), but they do an amazing job of making what they sell available and easily accessible. Amazon makes it easy to order products and return products and they have amazing customer service.  Amazon’s focus is clearly on their customer.

In order to be as good as Amazon, be like Amazon, focus on the customer and on their evolving desires. It is the Brands job,  to inform, educate and drive Brand Awareness. Unlike Amazon most brands don’t have armies of customer service agents at the ready or advanced technology to pick, process and ship orders or huge piles of money to throw at marketing efforts. Amazon created a great infrastructure to get products out into the hands of consumers. Brands know that customer’s needs evolve over time. Engaging and interacting with them in the digital landscaped to understand their changing desires will not only give you Brand Awareness, it will show that you are customer centric and get you valuable data that will help align your brand with the consumer’s needs as they evolve. Consumers are willing to communicate if you do two things; Listen & Respond. Many brands simply don’t do either or they don’t do it enough. Consistency is key and working with customers is a give and take scenario.

 Know your Customer, create your product

In order to be successful you have you have to know your customer to create a successful product. That means constant communication and reassessing your product and product strategy. Give your customer the ability to interact and communicate with you with the least amount of friction. Understand that listening is only half of the equation and that you will need to respond. Responding to customers on social media alone increases their chances to purchase by almost 50% 5. It is important to your customers they know that have been heard. Make the response a critical element in the communication loop because it is the best way to build customer loyalty. Keep them in mind when responding and use rewards e.g. coupons or incentives and give them advanced notice on new products or services that are in queue. You can make these communicators your influencers and brand advocates and create word-of-mouth strategies that can ripple through social media.

Start the Conversation

Don’t be afraid to start the conversation and keep it going. Customers have to know you have the ability to communicate and will continue the conversation. Use all of your digital channels e.g. website, apps, branded campaigns and social media as a mechanism for customer engagement and interaction.  Developing Brand Awareness is not a fire and forget job. It is a constant battle and you have to be in front of your customers constantly while trying to gain awareness with new customers. The job of the marketer is not easy, especially in the face of mounting competition and noise in the market. It is hard to capture the minds of consumers let alone their hearts. Good Brand Awareness Strategies start with the customer in mind. Be mindful of what they are looking for and be ready to create the products and services to meet their evolving desires.

Louis Corso



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