Brand Reality

“Consumer preferences evolve over time. The success of our products depends on our ability to identify the tastes of consumers and to offer products that appeal to their preferences. We must identify changing consumer preferences and develop and offer products to meet these preferences. If we fail to introduce new and improved products on a timely basis, the return on that investment will be significantly less than anticipated.”

CPG Annual Report

The Market

There are several markets USuggest It can actively develop a customers with needs to support Consumer & Brand engagement and interaction. The Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Market is expected to grow from USD $5.06 Billion in 2016 to USD $13.18 Billion by 2021*. The main factors driving CEM are the effective use of technology that helps gain and retain customers, the need to engage customers with strong, positive experiences, the move to buying online with mobile smartphones, and the profitable competitive differentiation that comes from getting it right.

MarketsAndMarkets: “Customer Experience Management Market by Touch Point – Global Forecast to 2021.”

The Global Digital Advertising on Social Media Marketis approximately $44 Billion and is expected to grow significantly year over year as more brands are utilizing social media to reach global audiences. Growth estimates are around 30% CAGR for the next 4 years.

The Global Market Research Market size is approximately is approximately $44 Billion in 2016.  Updates are forthcoming for 2017. This is a mature market with lots of acquisitions as brands and agencies try to work on converting direct consumer insights into tangible results. This is where we have an advantage since we are getting information direct from the consumer.

The Opportunity

Brands are constantly seeking out knowledge of evolving customer preferences, to both capitalize on the opportunity and reduce the risk of product misfires. Identifying and understanding changing consumers desires allow them to predict market direction. As a small, medium or enterprise brand the ability to identify or predict market trends is paramount.  All Brands are under continual pressure from competition, customers, vendors and other stakeholders for instance the board and shareholders or record to consistently deliver winning results.

Imagine being able to predict where the market is trending through direct interaction with consumers. We help brands answer the most basic question: “what does my customer want to purchase?” We do it in a straightforward, simple way possible with the least amount of friction. We invite consumer to tell us, then deliver message through social media and leverage the social media community in a structured way to engender momentum and to supply answers to managers in real-time.

What Makes Us Special

We are purpose built and have one mission. Be the brand consumers use when they want to make suggestions to brands and be the brand businesses use when they want to engage & interact, communicate and collaborate with consumers.  Our solution uses the same core technology, which is designed around a single, structured repository for consumer generated suggestions, accessed according to product profile by paying clients. As a result of aggregated analytics, we will generate an added revenue stream by monetizing the aggregated market data. We have opportunities to leverage Artificial Intelligence for sentiment analysis and e-commerce to support brand initiatives where consumers can come to one place for all of their needs. The concept is tight, robust, straightforward and compelling. No-one else does it quite this way.

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