Press Release – USuggest It partners with Beagle Drones


USuggest It, Inc. partners with Beagle Drones to bring the exciting and fast-paced sport of drone racing to a wider audience!

Hoboken, August, 8 2018

Summer 2018 is shaping up to be the start of something special at Beagle Drones and USuggest It, Inc. Beagle Drones and USuggest It are working together to bring the new and fun sport of Drone Racing to everyone. Beagle Drones is doing this by opening dialogue with their customers, consumers and interested parties who want to learn more about how to get in on this new, innovative and exciting sport.

“We want to produce a great product for consumers seeking fun and looking to get involved with the sport of drone racing and we believe this is powered by connecting with consumers, improving the product to fit their needs.” 

Dwight Neptune – President of Beagle Drones.

USuggest It brings consumers together with brands through the USuggest It platform. Brands can open dialogue with consumers to align with their dreams for the products and services they desire. Beagle Drones is young, exciting, new company, laser focused on getting a fun, easy-to-use and easy-to-buy, out-of-the-box Racing Drone Kit into the hands of all interested consumers. The kit comes complete with the drone, controller and FPV VR goggles.   They have a 30 day forgiveness warranty and options for payment plans.

“We are very excited to have a relationship with Beagle Drones. They represent everything that we believe in as an organization. They are innovators and believers in what they do and are close to their customers on a grass roots level. Their vision inspires us to work hard, to see their dreams come to light. We are eager to do our part to build drone racing and create a sport like the world has yet to see. The sport is fast paced and exciting and has the technology that can change the world that we live in.”

Louis Corso – President of USuggest It, Inc.

About USuggest It, Inc.

USuggest It is an innovative start-up based in New Jersey. It’s goal to close the gap between consumers and brands. The company wants to give consumers a voice in the product development process and businesses the ability to listen and respond.

Purpose built for this type of conversation, USuggest It helps brands answer the question “What does my customer desire most?” The service lets consumers open dialogue with brands directly through suggestions written in their own words, voted on by others in the wider social community, and delivered to business managers in one complete package. This significantly reduces the time, effort and expense brands face when sorting out, classifying and understanding unstructured data.

USuggest It leverages social media to deliver the “The World’s Suggestion Engine” designed to positively improve engagement between Consumers and Brands. It becomes the collective consciousness of all Consumers and Brands. The solution is a cloud-based, platform independent and sits alongside or can plug into existing CRMs, providing value across the board.

“As a SaaS based service the price footprint meets our customer’s needs.”

Louis Corso, President of USuggest It

The company offers three different ways for brands to realize the value of opening a real-time dialogue with consumers. USuggest It itself, where consumers can make and share suggestions about products and services generally; Suggestion Lab, which brands can put in front of their own customers directly for their input; and USI Market Intel, which is aggregated marketing research data derived from the information gathered with USuggest It’s Suggestion Lab Product Suite. These services are of particular interest to all organizations that are looking to gain product awareness and connect with consumers to create products and services that align with consumers evolving desires.

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