USuggest It Suggestion Forum

Build it, Brand it, Share It

Suggestion Forum

The Suggestion Forum is your invite only Digital Suggestion Focus Group. This real-time environment can be set behind a login and created only for your special group of fans.

Who knows your products better then you. Your loyal customers, members and fans know your products and services best. Invite the people that you need for the campaigns you want to create. Create short-term or long-term campaigns and measure the results all in real-time.


Build It

Once the basic structure is built, you add products and ideas. Launch campaigns and build out micro sites to support new initiatives.

Brand It

Branded look and feel means a customized look. Show off your new site, feature your products and product ideas.

Suggest It

Consumers suggest what they want, when they want, all in free-form text. Once they create it, they or other fans can share the suggestion.

Secure It

Use social media login to add images and content, to post content, and to share initiatives right from the site.

Size It

Resizes to any device, automatically making it perfect for mobile devices and fans on the go.

Create It

A full set of APIs allows your business to create your own customized suggestion panel.