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Suggestion Tracker™

Suggestion Tracker is the Brand's dashboard and access to everything that revolves around customer-based suggestions. Use the Dashboard to track suggestions from multiple domains, including your site, your app, and our hosted solutions, all in real time. Every suggestion and 'like,' from all your digital domains and ours, are aggregated into one location that is easy to use and extremely powerful. Use it to analyze audience suggestions, location, and demographics. Now you have the knowledge of what your customer's desires are in real-time. Build Brand or Product Awareness, develop and market your products and interact directly with consumers.



Suggestion Lab's Suggestion Tracker is the single source to check all of your domains. Use it to follow and respond to suggestions from consumers from all of your digital properties, your web site, your app, or Suggestion Lab's hosted solutions. Monitor and analyze trends and momentum in a single location.

Easy and Secure

Suggestion Lab supports Facebook login for users to access and administer the site. Use Facebook login to add images and content, as well as to post content to Facebook and to share your initiatives right from the dashboard.

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Accessible Anywhere

As with all of our products, we resize to fit the screen, so no matter what device you are on, you can be assured the content will be clear. The power of the Tracker can be in the palm of your hand or in your lap.