USuggest It Suggestion Showcase

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Want to Convert Consumers into Fans?

USuggest It Suggestion Showcase™

The USuggest It Suggestion Showcase™ is a fully branded, hosted cloud-based solution designed specifically to leverage the power of customer suggestions focused on improving new your products & created brand awareness. The success your brand depends on your ability to build Brand Awareness as well as your knowledge of consumer desires to be ahead of the competition. Build out a Suggestion Showcase™ or multiple campaign pages designed to gather valuable intelligence from consumers while build branding awareness. Connect, interact, reward and incentify consumers all in real-time. Engage & Interact to understand consumer's needs, build relationships, measure their acceptance of new ideas and enthusiasm for improvements & build the right products.

Suggestions are delivered to the Suggestion Tracker™ in real-time, where, Marketing & Brand Managers can quickly measure emerging customer preferences and make decisions around concrete data. Suggestion Tracker™, is where Brands can build, manage, measure, message and interact and connect with consumers.


Build It

Once the basic structure is built, you add products and ideas. Launch campaigns and build out micro sites to support new initiatives.

Share It

Sharing suggestions via social media can create viral campaigns in moments. Use social media to broaden a suggestion, gain acceptance, and develop momentum.

Brand It

Branded look and feel means it's customized. Show off your new features, products, services, and developing concepts in environments your fans recognize instantly.

Resize It

Resizes to any device, automatically making it perfect for mobile devices and fans on the go.

Suggest It

Visitors suggest what they want, when they want, all in free-form text. Once a suggestion is made public, fans can share it.


Use single sign-on (SSO) to add images and content, to post content, and to share initiatives right from the site.