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Suggestion SlideOut

Your Brand needs to stay aware of consumer needs and ahead of the competition. The Suggestion SlideOut™ is a visual queue for consumers and fans to positively engage with your Brand to suggest Product improvements or new products & interact with your brand. Place your fully branded Suggestion SlideOut™ designed specifically to leverage the power of Customer Suggestions, directly within your own digital experience and interact with your customers.

Suggestions are delivered to the Suggestion Tracker™ in real-time, where, Marketing & Brand Managers can quickly measure emerging customer preferences and make decisions around concrete data. Suggestion Tracker™, is where Brands can build, manage, measure, message and interact and connect with consumers.

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Brand It

Your Brand, hosted on our platform. Your products and services or concepts. Create an emotional connection with your Customers and build awareness in social media.

Suggest It

Customers share their desires with your Brand on any device, all in free-form text. Customers suggest directly to your Brand and share on social media.

Share It

Couple with Suggestion Showcase and create campaigns in moments. Boost suggestions on social media to create dynamic communities of advocates.