Should you change your perspective?

4 Oct 2018
Louis Corso

What do you see?

When you look at the world what do you see? When I look at the world I see things that I like and things that I would like to see get better. Or at least in my eyes what it means to be better.

If you had a choice to be one of two people would you: choose to be someone that looked at the world and made a critique or one that can recognize the need for change and was able to contribute?

Lets be clear, it is not a matter of time it is a matter of focus. Some people choose to see the world and say I don’t like that. While, others can see the world and say I think there is a way to make it better. Now, when you see things from that perspective does it make it clearer as to which one I think you would want to become. Hopefully, you are already a creator or an innovator and by the way, if you are not, that is not an issue. Now, you have your chance to change your thought process and become an agent for change.

What people say!

I hear many people say, well that is just not who I am. I cannot not always think of ways to change something. I think this is where people get confused. It is not that they do not have that ability, because I believe everyone has the ability. It is for me two things; first they feel what they can share does not have value and second that they do not wish to share it because of FEAR of REJECTION.

Well, I am here to say if not YOU then WHO and if not NOW then WHEN? Creativity, innovation and critical thinking can be taught and it does not require you to be Albert Einstein or Elon Mush or Tony Stark for that matter. What it requires is just a bit of creative spirit and the ability to let it out.

One of my favorite Einstein quotes

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”.

Great quote! More than likely from a person that felt that his true genius sprang from his ability to apply creative thought.

Not Always a Genius

Albert Einstein was not always a genius. He had to apply himself in a way to get there. And you and I (definitely not me) are not striving to be Einstein. But we can use our imaginations to exercise creative thought to create new ways of looking at the same problem.  It is our unique perspective. Our history, our culture, our upbringing and our philosophy that leads us down a certain path. We can use this to fuel our creative spirit. The best way to do this is to begin by writing things down. Does not have to be big thoughts. Little thoughts will do just was well. As you will see over time is that you will build up a number of thoughts. You may see a pattern or a method or something that stands out. Don’t worry if you don’t. That may be even better since it shows your interests are varied.

But if you do then you are then looking deeper at who you are, what drives you and focuses your attention and where you may see yourself going. The great thing about this little exercise is that everyone can write and all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Computer are not necessary either.

The Art of War and the Art of Business.

What if I was to say that that war and business run often on parallel tracks, what would you say?  Would you say all is fair in love and war. Does that include business?

If you are going into business or if you are going to war what is the first thing that you should do?  In business you see what is out there and try to build something that nobody else has. In war you send your troops (small band maybe 2- 4 )  To see what lies ahead.  What is the enemy’s strength, where are they, where are they going? Do they know that we are here? How prepared are they for a fight? If they are loved by the people they protect? What is the morale of the army? etc.

More than likely what you think will happen won’t and what you think can’t happen very well can, but more often the things you never thought of that end up happening. That is reality!

More to come……

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